5th International Symposium of Loneliness

Dear Participants,

In today's societies, the phenomenon of loneliness, which people experience at high levels in family life and social environment, has turned into a situation that is frequently seen in business life. Especially in business life, while a new self is being constructed through competition, selfishness and narcissistic tendencies, the phenomenon of loneliness at work deepens and affects individuals. In addition, the developments in the communication network accelerated by the globalisation process and the living conditions of the modern city have also increased and intensified the feeling of loneliness in the workplace. So, what effect does this situation have on the employees in the workplace? Which professions are more likely to feel loneliness? What are the loneliness experiences of employees in different countries?

Answers to these and many similar questions will be sought in the International Loneliness Symposium, which is organised by Üsküdar University for the fifth time this year and whose main theme is "Loneliness at Work". On 16 December 2023, the invited speakers of the symposium, which will take place online, are scientists, academicians and people from various professions who will come together to make contributions from different fields. Each speaker will present important discussions and raise important questions by addressing loneliness in the context of business life from their own field of work and from their own perspective. Your participation in our symposium, which will be held in Turkish and English, will honour and delight us.

Prof. Dr. Ebulfez Suleymanli
Chair of the Symposium Organising Committee 
Üsküdar University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology