4th International Symposium of Loneliness

Dear participants,

An important social phenomenon and problem of the age we live in: “the human being becoming isolated!” Throughout history, the institution of family has functioned to support individuals emotionally and socially, but today, we observe that the influence of the family on eliminating the loneliness and distrust of individuals has also changed. To illustrate, research on family relationships that have changed with the penetration of digital technologies into daily life shows that the time family members spend together has decreased and turned into time spent alone. These sort of examples point to new situations that can be called “lonely together” and “lonely in the family”. Besides the impact of digitalization, the relationship between family and loneliness emerges as an important issue that needs to be examined in terms of migration, gender, old age, education and so on.

Thus, the main theme of the International Loneliness Symposium, which will be held for the fourth time this year at Üsküdar University, is “Family and Loneliness”. The invited speakers from Turkey and abroad of the symposium, which will be held on 7-8 December 2022 as face-to-face (7 December) and online (8 December), are scientists, academicians, and artists who will come together to make contributions from various fields. Each speaker will present important discussions and raise crucial questions by addressing loneliness in the context of the family, from their own field of study and perspective.  Your participation in our symposium that will be conducted in Turkish  and English would honor and gratify us.

Prof. Ebulfez Süleymanlı
Chair of the Organization Committee
Üsküdar University
Sociology Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Congress Speakers